Social Responsibility

Following in path of Josef Bauer, our family continues to demonstrate a profound respect for artisanal craftsmanship, a tradition that emphasizes values and quality and manifests itself in ROYCE’s timeless creations, which become lifetime companions for their recipients. In equal measure, this philosophy reflects the continuation of our tradition of employee development and community investment as a pledge to our employees and community as a whole.

For the environment, we utilize sustainable materials such as bonded leather and innovate energy efficiency and sustainable recycling solutions within our distribution system to reduce our carbon footprint.

For our supply chain, we work hand in hand with suppliers to build long-term relationships, while judiciously ensuring our sourcing system promotes the highest of labor standards.

For our local community, we drive real change from our longstanding partnership with the United Way of Hudson County to empower underprivileged, vulnerable individuals seeking employment opportunities. We pride ourselves on mentoring at-risk youth as well as hiring veterans, those with disabilities, and those on parole.

For our ROYCE family, we create opportunities for all employees to bring their points of view to the forefront of the discussion, thereby crafting a collaborative workplace that promotes the exchange of broad thinking and in doing so, inspires innovation. We love the wide breadth of our employees backgrounds, as their vast diversity coupled with their fierce passion for bettering the lives of others enables the ROYCE vision to grow.

Every year, we aim to donate the equivalent of at least 1% of the value of our company’s annualĀ revenue to charity partners such asĀ Ā New York City Food Bank, Bottomless Closet, and The Child Mind Institute, amongst others, that are committed to causes that we are incredibly passionate about, such as supporting food security, employment empowerment, and children’s mental health.