May 20, 2016 ROYCE | Luxury Heritage By William Bauer


Born in 1974 in New York City, ROYCE was raised with the vision of showcasing high quality materials and refined leather craftsmanship. Over the years as our family business has grown from one generation to the next, in changing times, the vision has remained the same.

We focus on sustainable design and time honored manufacturing methods, creating a range of stylish and functional fashion and travel accessories. Our mission is to better lives with what our family has created. ROYCE has been privileged with the praise of our friends, colleagues, and onlookers, from The New York Times to NBC’s Today Show.

We love ROYCE because it reinforces the values that will lead our world long after we leave it: respect for hard work, respect for new invention, and, most importantly, respect for one another. By doing good by our product, our clientele, and our people, at ROYCE, we have faith.

Honesty in delivery, innovation in design, and comfort in family gives us the pleasure of knowing your journey is being traveled the right way.


Life is a gift. ROYCE shares ours with you.


Best regards,

Kathy, Harold, William and Andrew Royce Bauer